A Typical Morning in the DinoLab for Little-Uns 


  09:00 Welcome!  


Scott will introduce himself and his team to the Little-Uns. During his interactive chat he will be finding out what the children’s favourite dinosaurs are and he will be introducing the concept of “plant eating” and “meat eating” dinosaurs using casts of real dinosaurs taken from his collection and plastic food.  The children will be provided with a “DinoLab for Little-Uns” yellow baseball cap to wear during the workshop.    


 09:10 The DinoLab Little-Uns are divided into groups named after popular dinosaurs. Each Little-Un will be given the appropriate badge provided for their group. The badges include a picture as well as text to help the children recognize their group name!     


 09:15 -10:30 There are three main Dinolab activities:  


Activity 1: The DinoLab Big Dig!


The DinoLab Big Dig! gives the Little-Uns the chance to dig for fossil fish. The fossil fish are imprints of fish left behind 52 million years ago. The slab of prints is covered in clay. The children are each provided with a plastic cup. They place this on the clay to mark out their “digging area”. They use the tools provided to dig away the clay to perhaps reveal a fossil fish beneath! Will they find one…?    


Activity 2: The DinoLab Trackway!


In DinoLab Dino Tracks! the Little-Uns will see a real dinosaur fossil footprint and a cast of a T-Rex leg. During the activity we show the children two contrasting footprints; those left by the “meat eaters” and those left by the “plant eaters”.  


The Little-Uns are each provided with a coloured footprint stencil to draw around onto coloured paper. Those able, will cut out the shape themselves.  The children decorate their footprint. The children will then help us stick all their footprints onto a large sheet of paper to create the  Nursery's very own Dinosaur Trackway! Sand and glue will be used to re-create the sandy surface.   


Activity 3: The DinoLab Paint a Dinosaur! 


In the DinoLab paint a dinosaur! the children will choose a plaster of paris dinosaur of their choice from the 3 models available. They can then let their imagination go wild, painting the models as they wish. Each child will go home with their finished creation!