Wow! What a great day. DinoLab spent the whole day here at Solefield School on our annual Science Day. Every pupil in the school participated in a range of activities including excavating bones from clay, for the younger ones; identifying fossils which all the pupils had a go at and, for the older boys, calculating how big a real dinosaur would have been based on how far apart its footprints were. The boys were captivated by the activities and they all learned something new about these magnificent creatures; perhaps more importantly than that, they all had a fantastic day.
Dinolab came to my sons reception class and he loved it! He came home with a keen interest in learning lots more about dinosaurs :-) great job!
We had The DinoLab in for an afternoon with our Reception boys (age 4-5). They were totally engaged and loved every minute of it -- as did all the staff! It was fascinating to see life-size replicas of actual dinosaur bones and help assemble them.The boys loved 'excavating', handling and identifying the fossils too and there was just the right amount of explanation and discussion. Scott's enthusiasm for his subject is infectious; We have no hesitation in recommending The DinoLab.
The DinoLab came to my nursery for the morning and we were all blown away by the activities they had organised. It was a fantastic morning and the children learnt so much, they absolutely loved it and I would recommend it to anyone!
A fantastic and informative morning was had by all the pupils and staff and some very creative ideas and drawings managed to impress The DinoLab staff as well.