1.  What area do you cover?

We can cover Kent, Surrey and East Sussex. Please note that the first 15 miles of the outward and return journey are free.  A charge of 40p/mile will be be made on all round trips greater than 30 miles.


2. How many children can attend?

Schools - we are able to cater for 24 children in a single session arranged into 4 groups but we can accomodate up to 32 per session if needed. Morning and afternoon sessions are available. Each session lasts as close as possible to 3 hours depending on your teaching hours. Morning sessions are preferable to maximise the time available and the children's attention!. A minimum of one teacher and one teaching assistant or parent are also needed. 

Parties - we can accomodate up to 10 children. At least one adult is required to stay with the party at all times.


3. What does it cost?

Schools - Prices start at £325 for 24 children (morning session). We can accomodate up to 32 children at a cost of £7 for each additional child. Please do contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Parties - Prices start from £250 for up to 10 children. Please do contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


4. Securing a booking?

Bookings can be secured by contacting us by telphone or the website and paying the £75 deposit. The deposit is non refundable, but if you need to rearrange the reserved date we will endeavour to accomodate changes and offer alternative dates. The remainder of the balance needs to be paid no later than one week before your agreed party date.


5. Space required?

Schools - a hall or similar large room is ideal. Tables and chairs are required.

Parties - the space required is partly dictated by the size of the dinosaur you request. However, most of the dinosaurs are around 3m long. Some of our larger skeletons are nearly 6m long. None of the specimens are more than 1m wide.


6. Equipment?

Schools - we provide all the equipment for The Dinolab activities including lab coats, clay, maps, colouring pens/pencils etc.  We do require at least 4 blocks of tables (min size 4-6 square metres).

Parties - we provide all the equipment needed. We do require a large room (15 square metres) free of priceless antiques and ornaments.


7. How long do the activities last?

Schools - workshops normally last for 3 hours. We aim to arrive about 1 hr before the class register is taken. Mid morning and mid afternoon breaks are accomodated.

Parties - usually last for between 1-1.5 hours.


8. Insurance?

We are fully insured.


9. Are you CRB Checked?

 All members of The DinoLab team are CRB checked.